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Botccoin.BEX, an efficient and secure digital currency trading platform, helps you easily seize market opportunities.
Safe and reliable
We use advanced cold wallet technology and work with Binance to ensure your digital assets are safe and secure.
Smart Matching
With the help of AI technology, efficient and accurate transaction matching can be achieved, thus improving transaction efficiency.
Low fees
Both platform transaction and withdrawal fees use BOTC tokens to reduce costs and increase profits.
Rich Ecology
BOTC tokens are not only used for transaction fees, but also empower the entire Botccoin ecosystem to provide more value to users.
Innovative contract functions
Users can trade against each other, and the winner will share the tokens invested by the loser, which is exciting and challenging.
Excellent user experience
We are committed to providing a simple and clear interface design and a smooth trading experience to make it easy for users to get started.

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We provide a variety of trading pairs and flexible trading methods to meet your different investment strategies.

24 Hour Trading Vol



24 Hour Trading Vol



24 Hour Trading Vol



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What is the role of BOTC tokens on the platform?
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How does AI smart matching trading work?
How to ensure the security of transactions?
What is the BEX contract function?
How to participate in the football guessing game?
If I encounter problems during the transaction, how can I contact customer service?
How to start trading with Botccoin.BEX?

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From coinmarketcap
Interesting stuff 🧐 But need to keep an eye on this project as it has limited supply and will pay off big time in a few years 🔥
December 21, 2022
@ asaadfadul_vs1cub
From coinmarketcap
#This Botc project has a bright future and deserves everyone's attention. Botc is at the top of the pyramid
December 21, 2022
From Twitter
Great job by BOTC team, botccoin will become stronger and take a good position in the crypto space. Keep up the good work guys.
December 12, 2023
From coinmarketcap
All signs indicate that BOTC will become the next big hit in the cryptocurrency field
December 21, 2022
@ xv8bnw5c2zny
From coinmarketcap
Future Coins I believe 1 BOTC coin will be valuable in the future🚀🚀🚀🚀
December 24, 2022
From coinmarketcap
Trustworthy and reliable project, semoga botcoin to the moon.
December 24, 2022
@ machindra1x_jkpvs3
From coinmarketcap
Interesting stuff 🧐 But need to keep an eye on this project as it has limited supply and will pay off big time in a few years 🔥
December 21, 2022
@ naseershah11_m3bxji
From coinmarketcap
The best project. It needs to be listed on the coinmarket community.
December 20, 2022

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